You only have one home.

We know this better than anyone else. Year after year, people come to us and give us their houses for redevelopment. We take their buildings and modernise them so that when they move back in, they now have a community podium garden, a lift service, security guards, new pipes and a stronger structure. It’s an easier and better everyday existence in the same space.

But offering your home for redevelopment is a still difficult choice. After all, you only have one home. To choose redevelopment is to move into a temporary space. It’s to trust that the building will be returned to you in better shape – that the building will be returned to you at all. It’s scary. We understand that.

But we’ve done this before, with exceptional results.

Here are some reasons why we come so highly praised

Unparalleled service:

Your time is valuable. Getting an appointment with us is quick, hassle-­free and we will talk you through the process of redevelopment step-­by-­step, allaying any worries.

Unmatched quality:

No accolade can substitute for a job well done. We don’t skimp on materials, the tenant’s flat is the same as the buyer’s flat, and we give our best to each project.

Exceptional turnaround times:

We bring projects to closure in record time, skilfully navigating the tricky Indian real-estate market. Our expertise in this area is prized among our business partners. We tell you a turnaround time we can meet.

We know you’re in temporary accommodation, and that the wait for your home can feel long. Above all, we realise that the decision to give your home for redevelopment is both practical and emotional. When you shake our hand, you’re saying that you trust us. We take that trust very, very seriously.

You only have one home. It’s in safe hands.